Honorable John K. Sherwood

United States Bankruptcy Judge for the District of New Jersey


Starting the week of April 4, 2022, Judge Sherwood will be returning to in-person hearings, with the option to appear via Court Solutions in lieu of in-person participation. Those who wish to appear via Court Solutions should submit their reservation requests to Court Solutions no later than noon on the day prior to the hearing so that Judge Sherwood and his staff will know who is appearing in-person and who is appearing on Court Solutions.

Please note that all Chapter 13 matters will continue to be heard via Court Solutions.

Important: All persons are strictly prohibited from making any recording of court proceedings, whether by video, audio, "screenshot," or otherwise. Violation of this prohibition may result in the imposition of monetary and non-monetary sanctions. The Clerk of the Court maintains an audio recording of all proceedings, which recording constitutes the official record of those proceedings.​



Staff Information

Noreen Walsh | Career Law Clerk - (973) 645-4693

Zelda Haywood | Courtroom Deputy - (973) 645-4762

Maria Figueria | Court Reporter - (973) 776-3413

Carolyn Gauvin | Law Clerk -  (973) 645-2691


50 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor
Newark, N.J. 07102
Courtroom 3D

Chambers e-mail: chambers_of_jks@njb.uscourts.gov

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