Obtaining Case Information

Voice Case Information System (VCIS)

Voice Case Information System (VCIS) is a free service that provides limited case information over the telephone including debtor name, case number, judge, filing date, chapter, asset/no asset designation, attorney, trustee and current case status. To access this service, call toll free at 1-866-222-8029.

Obtaining Copies of Documents

Public terminals are located in each Clerk’s Office. Viewing information is free; the cost to print information from the public terminal is $.10 per page.

You may also obtain photocopies by visiting our Clerk’s Office or by submitting written requests to the office where the case is pending:

US Bankruptcy Court

PO Box 2067

Camden, NJ 08101

US Bankruptcy Court

PO Box 1352

Newark, NJ 07101

US Bankruptcy Court

402 East State Street

Trenton, NJ 08608

The current charge for photocopies is $.50 per page. The court does not accept personal checks or cash. Copy fees must be paid by corporate check, attorney account check, certified check or money order or pre-approved credit card.

If you have PACER access and the document you need is not available electronically, you may request the court to scan documents 25 pages or less and we will make it available for downloading within 48 hours. Please e:mail your request to the appropriate office:




Documents larger than 25 pages will be photocopied and either mailed to you or you can arrange for pick up at the Clerk’s Office. The photocopy fee of $.50 per page applies. 


The Judicial Conference Privacy Policy has been amended to restrict public access through PACER to all documents in bankruptcy cases that were filed before December 1, 2003, and have been closed for more than one year. Documents in these closed cases are available in PACER only to court users, case participants* and attorneys. The docket sheet and docket information will remain available to the general public via PACER. Copies of restricted documents, except those under seal, are available at the Clerk's office and may be printed from the public terminal, please contact the Clerk's office for information about obtaining copies by mail. Email copies will not be sent. The existing fee schedules are applicable to these documents.

* Case participants are defined as attorneys who have electronically filed a document in the case.


Archived Case Information

General bankruptcy case files are retained by the court for a 15 year interval. Presently, most of the 1970-1995 bankruptcy case files have been destroyed in accordance with their approved records disposition authority (N1-578-11-001, in accordance with 44 USC § 3303).

The National Archives can be reached at 1-866-272-6272 or  www.archives.gov.

The Federal Records Centers can be reached via email at: frc@nara.gov.

Online Bankruptcy Record Retrieval