Opening a Case Ch. 11 (voluntary)

STEP 1          Click on Bankruptcy

STEP 2          Click on BK Case Opening-Voluntary

STEP 3          Select 11 from the drop down box marked Chapter, select n or y from the boxes marked Joint Petition and Deficiencies; click [NEXT]

STEP 4          Enter the appropriate information for the Debtor in the screen labeled Search for a Debtor; click [search]

STEP 5          If the Debtor has filed with the court before, the Search for a Debtor function may yield their personal information. If a search yields the correct personal information for the Debtor, select the Debtor’s name and personal information from the box.  If the Debtor has not filed with the court before and a search did not yield the Debtor’s name or the Debtor's previous information does not match exactly; click [Create New Party]

STEP 6           Enter the Debtor’s personal information in the appropriate boxes on the Debtor Information page. Click [Submit]

Note- If the Debtor is known under any Alias please click [Alias...] and enter any Alias, Name, Social Security or Tax Number, Address, Zip, State and Country information that related to the Debtor

STEP 7          Screen will display what Divisional Office is set for the Debtor based upon the Debtor’s zip code that was entered in the previous screen; click [Next]

STEP 8          Select the appropriate choices from the following drop down boxes and radio buttons; click [NEXT]

If this is a Small business, select Yes from drop down box and make the appropriate selections regarding the plan.

Make appropriate selections from the drop down menus regarding prior filings, fee, status, nature of debt etc.

STEP 9          Enter the correct amounts in the Summary of Schedules; click [NEXT]

If this is a deficient petition and you do not have this information, you can bypass this screen. If the petition is not deficient, you must complete all fields.

STEP 10        Enter the correct information in the boxes listed under Schedules; click [NEXT]

If this is a deficient petition and you do not have this information, you can bypass this screen. If the petition is not deficient, you must complete all fields.

STEP 11        Upload Official Form of form B1: Voluntary Petition in .pdf format; click [NEXT]

Note – Please ensure that the form is correctly filled out and the file is a .pdf

STEP 12        If the petition was deficient, deficiency screen will display.  Place a check next to all the missing schedules. Click [NEXT]

STEP 13        If the petition was deficient the incomplete filings due date will display. Click [Next]

STEP 14        Chapter 11 Plan due date should be left blank. If it is a small Chapter 11 business case, the plan due date will calculate automatically. Click [Next]

STEP 15        Click [NEXT] to skip the screen.

STEP 16        Docket text displays.  Review for accuracy.  If modification is necessary, abort the transaction and begin again.  Modifications cannot be made on this screen.

                   SAMPLE DOCKET TEXT

                   Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition Filed by Test Attorney (Test Atty) on behalf of Test Client. If small business, plan due dates will display in docket text.

STEP 17        Summary of current charges screen display. Select Pay Now or Continue Filing.  DO NOT close this window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

1.  If you select Pay Now, be sure to print for your records the payment confirmation screen which contains a receipt number for this transaction.

2.  If you select Continue Filing, please note  it is the court's policy that all fees be paid by the end of the day.  Attorneys with outstanding balances will receive an automated e:mail reminder and will be locked out of CM/ECF  if the fee remains outstanding for 3 days

STEP 18        Notice of Electronic Filing displays.