Who is eligible to file a Chapter 7 case?

A debtor must complete Official Form B122A-2 - Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation (commonly referred to as the means test).

To be eligible to file a Chapter 7 case, the debtor's current monthly income, as calculated on Official Form B122A-1, may not be higher than the state median income.  If the debtor's current monthly income is higher than the state median income, it is determined that the debtor could repay a level of unsecured debt and the filing of a Chapter 13 case may be appropriate. 

E:FILING GUIDANCE: This form is e:filed as part of the petition package.   When using BK Case Opening - Voluntary, you will be presented with a screen stating Presumption Arises.  You  must select either  yes or no from the selection box.

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