Lawyers Advisory Committee


The Lawyers Advisory Committee for the District of New Jersey is constituted for the purpose of providing the Board of Judges with counsel regarding the practice of law before the United States Bankruptcy Court. It is also charged with regularly soliciting the bar for commentary regarding bankruptcy practice and providing those comments to the Board of Judges for Consideration.


Documents listed on the pages below are draft only and not to be used as part of any official Court documents.

Message from the Chief Judge:

The Lawyers Advisory Committee (“LAC”) has served as a two-way conduit between the bankruptcy bar and the Board of Bankruptcy Judges for almost twenty five years. Over that time, lawyers have made suggestions, judges have solicited input, and LAC members have devoted countless hours to recommending rule or other changes for the betterment of bankruptcy practice in our district. As a charter member, I can personally attest to the hard work and fine work product of the LAC. We should all be grateful for the services rendered by the LAC as a whole and by its members individually. Our lives as bankruptcy lawyers and bankruptcy judges are better because of their work.

But remember: The LAC is only as good as the bankruptcy bar makes it. We welcome each of you to contact LAC members with any concerns or suggestions that you might have about bankruptcy practice in our district. We all want the bankruptcy practice in New Jersey to be as good as we can make it--the LAC is one of our best tools to make it so.

Kathryn C. Ferguson, Chief Judge
United States Bankruptcy Court
District of New Jersey

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