Lawyers Advisory Committee


The Lawyers Advisory Committee for the District of New Jersey is constituted for the purpose of providing the Board of Judges with counsel regarding the practice of law before the United States Bankruptcy Court. It is also charged with regularly soliciting the bar for commentary regarding bankruptcy practice and providing those comments to the Board of Judges for Consideration.


Documents listed on the pages below are draft only and not to be used as part of any official Court documents.

Message from the Chief Judge:

On behalf of the Board of Judges of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey, I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the time and effort afforded by both the past and present members of the Lawyers Advisory Committee ("LAC") in support of our joint endeavor to continually update and improve the bankruptcy process in the District of New Jersey. By the valuable service given by the members of the LAC, in drafting new local rules and forms, recommending modified procedures, and advising the court on a host of issues, the LAC has made a substantial contribution to the advancement of New Jersey bankruptcy practice.

In addition to its advisory role, the LAC is also valued by the judges as an important conduit through which substantive and meaningful communication and interaction can occur between the bench and the bar. Members of the bar are encouraged to actively communicate with LAC members to raise issues of concern and to utilize the LAC as a forum to resolve institutional problems. Our shared goal of excellence in the level of bankruptcy practice in this district necessarily requires a combined effort on the part of the court and of the bar.

We look forward to another successful year of working together on matters of mutual interest.

Gloria M. Burns, Chief Judge
United States Bankruptcy Court
District of New Jersey

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