Instructions for E-Filers

NOTE: This version of the Reaffirmation Agreement Package is designed to be used by creditor's/debtor's attorneys who are efilers and will complete their portions of the Reaffirmation Package using Adobe Acrobat. If the debtor is pro se, click here for the Acrobat Reader version of the Package.


To enter data into the fields of the questionnaire, follow the steps below.

STEP 1 Open the Reaffirmation Agreement Package by clicking here.

STEP 2 Place your cursor in the first fillable form field and begin typing. NOTE: When hovering over, or in, a fillable field your cursor will change from a "hand" to an "I-beam".

•You can go from field to field by pressing the [TAB] key or you can use your cursor to click on a field.
•To go back to a field, press the [TAB] key and the [SHIFT] key simultaneously.
•To check a box, press the [ENTER] key, [SPACE BAR], or use the cursor to click inside the box.
•Hover your cursor over a field to see an explanation, or example, of the information needed in that field

After a creditor/creditor's attorney completes their portion of the package, the file can then be emailed to the debtor's attorney. The debtor's attorney completes the debtor's portion of the questionnaire and saves the file. Once the debtor signs a hard copy of the Reaffirmation Agreement Package, the hard copy can be mailed to the creditor/creditor's attorney and the PDF can be emailed.
Upon the creditor/creditor's attorney's receipt of both the hard copy (containing original signatures) and the emailed PDF, they can prepare the Package for filing.


When all questions have been answered click the Prepare for Filing button on page 4 of the Questionnaire, see Figure 3. Doing so deletes the Questionnaire from the Package, saves the PDF and flattens the document so it cannot be edited.


1) Before preparing the document for filing, both parties should be sure to answer all applicable questions and ensure the correct Presumption of Undue Hardship box is checked on page 1 of the Reaffirmation Documents. See question C.1 (Part II) on the Reaffirmation Documents to determine which box should be checked.

2) Clicking the "Prepare For Filing" button DOES NOT e-file the document, it merely prepares the document to be e-filed. To file the document you must log into CM/ECF and file the package using the Reaffirmation Agreement event, located in the Bankruptcy > Misc. Events category.