How should the forms be completed?

ALL BLANK SPACES AND LINES ON EACH FORM should be completed.  Some forms (Schedule E, F, G, and H, and the Statement of Financial Affairs) contain boxes to indicate that the debtor has nothing to report or a question does not apply.  On all other forms, the debtor should either insert "N/A" or "None" in response to any question or request for information that is not applicable or should cross out a printed statement that does not apply and initial the cross out.

Sensitive information should not be included in any document filed with the court unless such inclusion is required by statue, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure or Official Bankruptcy Forms, or the inclusion is otherwise necessary and relevant to the case.  You must remember that any personal information not otherwise protected will be available on the internet via WebPACER.

Social Security numbers should only include the last 4 digits, except when the full number is required.  Financial account numbers, dates of birth and names of minor children should only be included if required.  Exercise caution when filing any of the following:

  • any personal identifying number, such as driver's license number
  • medical records, treatment and diagnosis
  • employment history
  • individual financial information
  • proprietary or trade secret information.

The Clerk's Office will not review documents for the purpose of redacting sensitive information. The court will image all pleadings as submitted even if they contain personal identifying information.

Click here for our court's Privacy Guidelines.