How are schedules amended after they are filed?

The original schedules filed with the petition may need to be amended. See D.N.J. LBR 1009-1.  Click here for the form Amendment to Schedules D, E, F, G, H or List of Creditors.

The addition of new creditors requires a new creditor matrix containing only those creditors being added.  There is a fee of $30 to amend Schedules D, E, F, G or H.  This fee does not apply if you are simply amending the address of a listed creditor or adding the name and/or address of an attorney for a listed creditor

E:FILING GUIDANCE: Use the Amended List of Creditors event (click here for docketing instructions)  or the Amended Schedules event (click here for docketing instructions) located in Misc. Events category.  If a fee is required, CM/ECF will provide the credit card screens.