Submitting a Bankruptcy Package Electronically

Debtors are strongly encouraged to obtain the services of competent legal counsel. Even if you cannot afford to pay an attorney, you may qualify for free legal services. For information about free (also known as "pro bono") legal services in New Jersey click here. You may also contact your state or local bar association for assistance in hiring an attorney.

The staff of the United States Bankruptcy Court is not permitted to give you legal advice. If you have questions you may find the information you need by reviewing the links provided on this page.

Before you file for bankruptcy, you must do several things:
  • Find out which chapter of the Bankruptcy Code you are eligible for.
    • Additional information concerning Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can be found by clicking the links for each chapter.
    • Click here to reference the law and rules regarding bankruptcy.
  • Receive credit counseling from an approved provider within 180 days before you file. The law requires that you receive credit counseling before you file for bankruptcy. If you and your spouse are filing together, both of you must obtain credit counseling. Failure to do so may result in dismissal of the case. You may have the credit counseling one-on-one or in a group, by telephone or by internet. After you finish the counseling, you will receive a certificate that you must file with the Court. For a list of approved providers click here.



The package will contain the Official Forms an individual must file with the Court to initiate a bankruptcy case.  You should gather all of your financial documents before you begin.

IMPORTANT: To submit your petition electronically you must have access to an email account and a computer with Adobe Reader.

Click Here to Access the Electronic Bankruptcy Package

Note: the Electronic Bankruptcy Package is only compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer

Upon your submission of the Electronic Bankruptcy Package, the clerk will send you an email confirmation.  This confirmation contains instructions for the submission of the additional items identified below that are required to complete your bankruptcy filing.  It is important to understand that your bankruptcy package is not filed unless and until the Court receives these required additional items.

Within ten (10) days of submitting your Electronic Bankruptcy Package, you must provide the clerk with several additional items. They may be hand delivered, or sent by USPS mail or overnight carrier and must be provided to the address of the Court contained in your email confirmation. If the clerk does not receive your additional items within ten (10) days, your Electronic Bankruptcy Package may be invalid.

  • Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing.
  • Statement About Your Social Security Numbers (Official Form 121).
  • Copy of Certificate of Credit Counseling for each debtor.
  • Money order (made payable to Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court), in the amount of the full filing fee; or a money order for at least 25% of the full filing fee AND a completed Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments; or a completed Application to Waive the Chapter 7 Filing Fee.
  • A LEGIBLE photocopy of an acceptable form of government issued picture identification for each debtor.

If you are married and your spouse is also filing with you, your spouse must sign the Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing and complete the Statement About Your Social Security Numbers (Official Form 121) where appropriate.

The clerk will mark your case filed on the date the additional items are received.