Financial Management Course

Every individual debtor in a Chapter 7, Chapter 11 in which  1141(d)(3) applies and Chapter 13 case must file Official Form B23 Debtor's Certification of Completion of Instructional Course Concerning Personal Financial Management.  If it is a joint petition, each spouse must file a separate form.

This form is also used to indicate that the personal financial management course is not required due to debtors incapacity or disability under 11 U.S.C. § 109(h), active military duty in a combat zone, or residence in a district with no approved instructional course as determined by the United State Trustee.

In a Chapter 7 case, this form must be filed within 60 days of the first date set for the meeting of creditors.  In a Chapter 13 case and Chapter 11 individual case, this form must be filed no later than the date of the last plan payment as required by the plan or the filing of a motion for a discharge.  Individual Chapter 11 debtors must also file Chapter 11 Individual Debtor's Certification of Completion of Plan Payments.  See also Notice to Bar and Public Regarding the Issuance of Discharges in Chapter 11 Individual Cases dated 12/14/09.

Failure to use official forms may result in the issuance of a Deficiency Notice. US Trustee approved Financial Management Courses are posted on the court's website. 

STEP 1           Select Bankruptcy from main menu

STEP 2           Select Misc Events category

STEP 3           Enter case number; click [NEXT]

STEP 4           Select Financial Management Course from drop down menu; click [NEXT]

STEP 5           If this is a joint filing, place a check in the box and click [NEXT].  If this is not a joint filing, click [NEXT] to skip this screen

STEP 6           Select the Party or click Add/Create New Party; click [NEXT]

TIP - If this is the first time you are appearing on behalf of this party, you will be asked to create an association between the attorney and client on the next screen as shown below:

Please be aware that unchecking the association check box will prevent you from receiving Notices of Electronic Filing in this case.

STEP 7           Upload the PDF document and any attachments (ie: Certificate of Service, Proposed Order); click [NEXT]

TIP - Be sure to upload the correct .pdf.  After Browsing your files, right click on your file name and select open from the pop up menu.  If you upload the wrong .pdf and notice the error while you are still on this screen, highlight the file name and click REMOVE from the list.

STEP 8          Screen displays, Certification for Financial Management Course being filed for?  Select the appropriate radio button; click [NEXT]

STEP 9          Confirm case information; click [NEXT]

STEP 10        Docket text displays.  The entry cannot be modified on this screen.  If modification is necessary, use the [BACK] button on your browser.


Financial Management Course Certificate filed by Test Attorney on behalf of Test Client. (test atty)

STEP 11        Notice of Electronic Filing displays.