Docket Report

STEP 1          Click on the Reports hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu.

STEP 2         Click on the Docket Report hyperlink.

STEP 3          The following fields are available for selecting/entering criteria for generating the Docket Sheet:

Filed or Entered Date Range - To display the claims register using the Filing date, click on the radio button for FILED. To display register using Entered date, click on the radio button for ENTERED. Enter a specific date range or leave blank to display all claims filed in case.

Documents - Leave blank to display all documents in the case, or enter a beginning and ending document number range for docket sheet to display.

Include Terminated Parties - This is defaulted, click in the box to deselect the inclusion of terminated parties on docket sheet.

Sort by - Click down arrow to right of box to select how docket should sort. The options are as follows:

  • Oldest Date First
  • Most Recent Date First
  • Document Number Ascending
  • Document Number Descending

STEP 4          After selecting the criteria, click Run Report to generate the Claim Register. The Clear button will reset all fields to their default values.

STEP 5          Use the scroll bar to the right of screen to move docket sheet up or down.

STEP 6          To Print docket sheet, click on PRINT button on browser toolbar.

STEP 7          To view a specific document, click on the document number hyperlink. PACER Service Center Transaction Receipt will appear reflecting number of pages to be billed to PACER Account. Click View Documents to continue.