Claims Register

STEP 1         Click on the Reports hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu.

STEP 2         Click on the Claims Register hyperlink.

STEP 3          The following fields are available for selecting/entering criteria for generating the Claims Register Report:

Case Number - A required field, type a specific case number.

Creditor Type - Can leave field to default and all creditors in case will display.

Creditor Number - Leave blank to display all creditors who have filed a claim in the case, or type a specific creditor number.

Creditor Name - Leave blank to display all creditors who have filed a claim in the case or type a specific creditor.

TIP - You do not have to enter the creditor's entire name, the system will search by the first letter of creditors name. If you type the entire name, only exact matches will display. Leaving the field with only a few letters will give a more comprehensive search.

Claim Number or Number Range- Leave blank to display all claims that fall within the case or type in specific claim numbers.

File Date or Entered Date Range- To display the claims register using the Filing date, click on the radio button for FILED. To display register using Entered date, click on the radio button for ENTERED.  Enter a specific date range or leave blank to display all claims filed in case.

Sorted By - Can select up to two criteria to sort by. Click arrow to the right of the field to select sort criteria. The options are as follows:

  • Claim Number
  • Creditor Name
  • Filed Date

STEP 4          After selecting the criteria, click Run Report to generate the Claim Register. The Clear button will reset all fields to their default values.

STEP 5          The CLAIMS REGISTER screen displays.

The format of each claim included on the Claims Register display the case number and title provide a hyperlink to the docket sheet.

The Claim Number is a hyperlink to the PDF file of the claim and any supporting attachments. PACER Service Center Transaction Receipt will appear reflecting number of pages to be billed to PACER Account. Click View Documents to continue.

Additional data from each claim is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the claim which include:

  • Last Date to File Claims - Claims bar date set at the '341 Meeting setting or trustee=s asset notice.
  • Last Date to File (Govt) - Governmental claims bar date set when the petition was filed for asset cases.
  • Filing Status - Status of claim (expunged, disallowed, withdrawn, etc.) updated at the time of filing the claim or from the edit claims utility.
  • Docket Status - Status of claim updated by docketing events such as withdrawal of claim, order disallowing claim, etc.

Class, Amount Claimed, Amount Allowed - This will provide whether or not the claim is secured, the amount claimed and the amount allowed.


STEP 6          To print the Claims Register, click on the Print icon on the browser  toolbar.  The Claims Register can be saved to a file by clicking File - Save As at the menu.