Court-Approved Mediators

Curriculum Vitae and Hourly Rates

Below you will find a list of Court-approved mediators.  For additional information on a particular mediator, simply click on the individual mediator’s name.  Please note that a mediator’s hourly rate may be found by clicking on the notation in the upper-right corner of the mediator’s curriculum vitae.  If no hourly rate is listed, please contact that mediator directly for additional information.

Adam D. Greenberg

Allen I. Gorski

Andrew Kelly

Anne S. Cantwell

Anthony Sodono III

Arthur Abramowitz

Barbara Wecker

Bruce Levitt

Bruce Wisotsky

Burrell Humphreys, Judge

Charles Forman

David Beslow

David Kasen

David H. Stein

David Wolff

Donald Campbell

Douglas Stanger

Eric Max

F Peter Phillips

Frank Danzi

Gary Norgaard

George Conway

Harry Gutfleish

Ira Deiches

Jay Lubetkin

Jeffrey A Cooper

Jeffrey W Lorell

Jennifer Brandt

John S. Mairo

Joseph L. Schwartz

Laura Kaster

Magdalena Schardt

Marie Lihotz

Mark Hall

Melanie Cyganowski

Michael Viscount

Morris S Bauer

Nancy Isaacson

Patricia Staiano

Patrick Kingsley

Peter Broege

Rebecca McDowell

Richard Barkasy

Richard Steen

Robert Braverman

Robert Nies

Sam Della Fera

Scott Rever

Suzanne McSorley

Steven Z. Jurista

Thomas M North

Todd Galante