DMM Portal

Use of the DMM Portal will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of participating in the Court’s Loss Mitigation Program.

Access Link: live DMM Portal

Test Site: If you would like to test the site, you may create your account on the live site and simply submit your test cases to “Test Mortgage – DO NOT USE”.  That is DMM’s test servicer and they will respond.

DMM Portal Resources and Training Documents

DMM Loss Mitigation Web Portal- Presentation - PDF
DMM Loss Web Portal Info - PDF
DMM Web Portal Manual -Attorneys-May 2011.pdf
Flow Chart - BK Court Loss Mit Program - PDF
Flow Chart - Loss Mitigation Process – with and
without use of DMM Portal Application

List of Portal Servicers

  • 21st Mortgage Corporation
  • America’s Servicing Company (ASC)
  • Bank of America
  • Chase
  • Countrywide (n/k/a Bank of America)
  • EMC
  • Kentucky Housing Corporation
  • Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
  • Resurgent Capital Services
  • Saxon
  • Select Portfolio Servicing
  • Washington Mutual
  • Wells Fargo