Amended List of Creditors

This event is used when the List of Creditors, originally filed with the petition, is amended.  If new creditors are being added, a matrix (in .pdf format) containing only the creditors must be uploaded  (see STEP 7 below).  This step, however, does not add the new creditor(s) to the court's database. E:Filers must add the new creditor(s) to the database by using either the Add Creditor link in this event or the Upload a Creditor Matrix file found under Bankruptcy - Creditor Maintenance.

Pursuant to Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule, a fee is payable for amendments to the debtor's list of creditors, with the following exceptions:

- No fee is charged when the nature of the amendment is simply to change the address of a listed creditor.

- No fee is charged if the amendment adds the name and address of an attorney for a creditor listed on the original schedules.

Upon the filing of an Amended List of Creditors, the Court will issue an Order Respecting Amendment.  The debtor must notify any affected parties of the amendment.

STEP 1          Choose Bankruptcy from main menu.

STEP 2          Choose Misc. Events category

STEP 3          Enter case number; click [NEXT] 

STEP 4          Select the Amended List of Creditors (Fee) event from the drop down list; click [NEXT]

STEP 5          If this is a joint filing, place a check in the box; click [NEXT].   If this is not a joint filing, click [NEXT] to skip this screen

STEP 6          Select party or click [Add/create party]; click [NEXT]

TIP - If this is the first time you are appearing on behalf of this party, you will be asked to create an association between the attorney and client on the next screen as shown below:

Please be aware that unchecking the association check box will prevent you from receiving Notices of Electronic Filing in this case.

STEP 7          Upload the matrix in .pdf format containing only the new creditors; click [NEXT]

TIP - This does not add the new creditor(s) to the court's  database.  To add new creditor(s), use the Add Creditor link described in Steps 8 and 9 or use Upload Creditor Matrix File.

STEP 8          Confirm case information.  If this case contains creditors, a message will display, "Case already contains creditors!"

Place a check in the box Add new creditor(s) to manually enter the individual creditor(s). If you are adding multiple creditors, you may skip this step and use the Upload Creditor Matrix File event, click [NEXT]

STEP 9          To manually add the creditors, follow the guidance on this screen regarding the number of characters and lines.  Leave the Creditor Type defaulted to Creditor.  If there is a Creditors Committee, select the Yes radio button; click [NEXT]

STEP 10        Confirm case information; click [NEXT]

STEP 11        The Fee Screen displays ; click [NEXT]

STEP 12        Confirm case information; click [NEXT]

STEP 13         Docket text appears; review for accuracy, modify if appropriate; click [NEXT]

TIP - Text of docket entry cannot be modified from this screen.  If an error is made, abort the transaction and begin again.


Amendment to List of Creditors fee amount $XX  Filed by Test Attorney on behalf of Test Client. (Test Atty)

STEP 14        Select Pay Now or Continue Filing.  DO NOT close this window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

1.  If you select Pay Now, be sure to print for your records the payment confirmation screen which contains a receipt number for this transaction.

2.  If you select Continue Filing, please note that it is the court's policy that all fees be paid by the end of the day.  Attorneys with outstanding balances will receive an automated e:mail reminder and will be locked out of CM/ECF if the fee remains outstanding for 3 days.

STEP 15        Notice of Electronic Filing displays



When uploading a List of Creditors, the file must be in text (.txt) format.  For more information see Specifications For Submitting Scheduled Creditors.

STEP 1          Click Bankruptcy from main menu

STEP 2          Click Creditor Maintenance category

STEP 3          Click Upload a Creditor Matrix File

STEP 4          Enter case number; click [NEXT]

STEP 5          Upload the text (.txt) file; click [NEXT]

STEP 6          The number of creditors contained in the file displays; if correct click [SUBMIT]

STEP 7           Creditors Receipt screen displays with links to File a Proof of Claim and Return to Creditor Maintenance Menu.