Sealed Document

The following are step by step instructions to file a document under seal. 

WARNING: A document may not be filed under seal unless a Motion to Seal has been granted. Click here to view the Motion to Seal instructions.

Click here to view a flow chart of the Sealed Document process.

Click here to access the Court's General Order Adopting Procedure for Filing a Document Under Seal Pending Adoption of Local Rule.

STEP 1                   Click BANKRUTCY (or ADVERSARY) on the blue banner menu

STEP 2                   Click the MISC. EVENTS link

STEP 3                   Enter the case number; click NEXT

STEP 4                   Select the SEALED DOCUMENT event from the list of Available Events; click NEXT

STEP 5                   Confirm you are in the correct case by reviewing the case information; click NEXT

STEP 6                   Select the Movant, click NEXT

STEP 7                   Click BROWSE to upload the document(s) you wish to seal; click NEXT

                                NOTE: No document number is assigned to this event.

STEP 8.a               Place a check in the Refer to Existing Event(s) box

STEP 8.b               The following information displays; click NEXT

IMPORTANT: The event and the document(s) uploaded during this transaction and will be completely restricted from view on the Court’s docket, with the exception of the Judge to which the case is assigned, the Clerk and the Deputy in Charge of the divisional office where the case is pending.

STEP 9                   Select the category under which the related document was filed; click NEXT 

FOR EXAMPLE:  If you are seeking to seal an Exhibit to a Motion for an Accounting select the motion category because the Motion for an Accounting is located that category.

STEP 10                 Place a check in the box next to the document(s) to which this document relates AND the previously filed Motion to Seal, click NEXT

FOR EXAMPLE: If you are seeking to seal an Exhibit to a Motion for an Accounting check the box next to the Motion for an Accounting AND the Motion to Seal.

STEP 11                 Final docket text displays; click NEXT.

WARNING – Clicking NEXT submits the transaction. Confirm that the docket text is correct before doing so. If any part of the docket text is incorrect, you must use the back-button on your browser to return to the screen where the incorrect data was entered to change it.  

                                SAMPLE DOCKET TEXT

Sealed document. (RE: related document(s)[3] Motion for Accounting, [4] Motion to Seal). Filed by John Jones on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank . (Jones, John).

STEP 12                 Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) displays.