Answers to Complaints (Including Amended, Cross, Counter or 3rd Party Complaints)

The following instructions are for filing Answers to Complaints, Amended Complaints, Cross-claims, Counter-claims and 3rd  Party Complaints.  In addition, parties may use these instructions to file Answers that include Cross-claims, Counter-claims and 3rd  Party Complaints.  To file only a Cross-claim, Counter-claim or 3rd Party Complaint, please use the Complaint category.

STEP 1          Choose Adversary from main menu

STEP 2          Choose Answers/Responses category

STEP 3          Choose Complaint, 3rd, Cross, Counter sub-category

STEP 4          Enter adversary case number; click [NEXT]

STEP 5          Confirm adversary name and number. If filing this document with joint counsel place a check in the box and click [NEXT].   If not filing with joint counsel, click [NEXT] to skip this screen

STEP 6          Select the appropriate party from party list; click [NEXT].  If this is the first time you are filing on behalf of this party, you will be presented with an association screen.  Place a check in the box to create an association; click [NEXT]

TIP - If this is the first time you are appearing on behalf of this party, you will be asked to create an association between the attorney and client on the next screen as shown below:

Please be aware that unchecking the association check box will prevent you from receiving Notices of Electronic Filing in this case.

STEP 7          Place a check in the box next to the complaint, amended complaint, cross-claim, counter-claim or third party complaint to which your answer refers.

STEP 8          Upload the .pdf document; click [NEXT]

STEP 9          If you are filing only an Answer, click [NEXT] to skip the 3rd Party, Cross-claim, Counter-claim screen. 

If your Answer includes a Third-Party, Cross-claim or Counter-claim, place a check in the appropriate box; click [NEXT]

STEP 10        If you are filing a 3rd Party, Cross-claim or Counter-claim, select the party(s) against whom you are filing by highlighting the party name(s); click [NEXT]

STEP 11        Docket text appears; review for accuracy, modify if appropriate.  The sample docket text will include a prefix box and a variable box to further clarify the text, but only if your answer includes a 3rd Party, Cross-claim or Counter-claim; click [NEXT]


Answer to Complaint by Test Attorney on behalf of Test Client. (test atty)

STEP 12        Notice of Electronic Filing displays.