Adding a Creditor

When filing a Proof Claim, you may be prompted to add the creditor.  To do so, follow the instructions below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Debtor’s attorneys are not permitted to add creditors, without filing an Amendment to Schedules D, E, F or List of Creditors and paying the filing fee for same.  The Court monitors creditors added by electronic filers and actions of this nature taken by debtor’s attorneys will be brought to the attention of the judge.

STEP 1          Click the Add Creditor link

STEP 2          Enter Individual Creditors

a. Enter creditors in text box

TIP:  Press [ENTER] after each line and press [ENTER] two times after city, state, zip to add a space between creditors.

b. Creditor type default as "creditor" - do not change

c. If creditor is part of Creditor's Committee click [YES] radio button.  If not, click [NEXT] to continue. (Do not place a check in the entity box).

d. Confirm number of creditors added, click SUBMIT

STEP 3          Click the File a Proof of Claim link to return to the filing process.

STEP 4          Click here to return to the Proof of Claim instructions.