2016 Judge Gravelle - Opinions

Judge Christine M. Gravelle -- Opinions signed in 2016

In re Steven Mecka Case No. 15-27118 4/1/2016 (CMG)

Court finds debtor owns 100% of over payment of federal and state taxes due as refund on joint tax return filed by debtor and his non-debtor spouse where debtor is sole income earner. The Chapter 7 trustee is entitled to turnover of the entire amount of the tax refund.



In re Bridgette Norris Case No. 15-26458  5/20/2016 (CMG)

Court finds inherited IRA is not property of the bankruptcy estate.



In re Mensah-Narh Case No. 15-33385  9/23/2016

The Court finds that it is permissible through a Chapter 13 plan for a debtor to strip a lien on a
primary residence that is wholly unsecured where (a) the debtor is the sole owner of the property
and; (b) a non-debtor ex-spouse is liable on the lien which debtor seeks to strip.









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