2015 Judge Wizmur - Opinions

Judge Jerrold N. Poslusny, Jr. -- Opinions signed in 2015

In re Rahman, No. 14-35109,  9/8/2015

Defendant Discover Bank filed a motion to dismiss the adversary proceeding, and Defendants Amer Qureshi and Menahil Amer filed a joinder to Discover Bank's motion. The motion and the joinder argue that the Court lacks subject matter jurisdiction. Finding that the Court indeed lacks subject matter jurisdiction, Discover Bank's motion is granted, to the extent that Discover Bank is dismissed as a defendant from the adversary proceeding. Likewise, the joinder is granted in part, to the extent that Menahil Amer is dismissed from the adversary proceeding. However, the joinder is denied in part, such that Amer Qureshi remains subject to Plaintiff's cause of action.









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