2006 Judge Winfield - Opinions

Judge Novalyn L. Winfield -- Opinions signed in 2006

In re Morin, No. 04-46138, 2006 WL 2085224 (Bkrtcy D.N.J. July 11, 2006)

Before the Court was debtor's objection to a proof of claim. The issue was whether pursuant to § 553 the Retirement Benefits Plan could set-off pre-petition alleged overpayments of disability benefits against future retirement benefits that debtor will be entitled to receive.

In re M Liquidating Corp., No. 03-49338, 2006 WL 3096039 (Bkrtcy D.N.J. Oct. 30, 2006)

Before the court was Chapter 7 Trustee's motion to amend his preference complaint to add a count for recovery of an alleged post-petition preferential transfer. Also before the court was transferee-defendant’s motion for summary judgment pursuant to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 56(c).

In re Gourvitz, No. 05-2522, 2006 WL 3313933 (Bkrtcy D.N.J. Nov. 14, 2006)

Before the court was the debtor’s motion for summary judgment to dismiss an adversary complaint brought under § 523(a)(6) to make nondischargeable the legal fees allowed as part of the litigation of a NJ Law Against Discrimination judgment.









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