Procedure to Conduct Ch. 13 Confirmation/Motion Hearings in the Newark Vicinage Telephonically due to the current Coronavirus situation

  • All parties must report outcomes/resolutions to the Chapter 13 Trustee via email by 2pm on the Monday prior to the hearing date.  The Trustee’s office will update the calendar accordingly and advise the Court.
  • For all remaining matters, even if resolved after the Monday deadline or if parties agree to an adjournment but did not reach that agreement until after the Monday deadline, the parties will have to appear telephonically via CourtSolutions on the Hearing Date in question.
  • On the Hearing Date, the Chapter 13 Trustee or her staff attorney will call into the Court via CourtSolutions at 10 AM and read into the record the Confirmation Calendar first followed by the Motion Calendar.  The Court will host the CourtSolutions session for the official record.  Any parties appearing telephonically will advise at that time of additional resolutions, 2nd call requests or cases that will be contested.
  • Once the 2nd call list is completely resolved and a contested list is finalized, the Trustee will complete the calendar call.  The contested list will be heard by the Court via Court Solutions at 2:00 pm and the Trustee or her staff attorney will appear telephonically at that time as well, if needed.