Upgrade Your Current PACER Account

Attorney already has an individual PACER account but it must be upgraded for Central Sign-On in a NextGen CM/ECF Court.


Step 1        Go to www.pacer.gov

Step 2        Select Manage My Account


Step 3        Login using your current PACER Username and Password


Step 4        The account type below is listed as Legacy account. Select Upgrade Link.


Step 5        Update and/or complete the required information . Click Submit when finished.  In the Person tab, select Individual as user type, unless you have a government account, if so, select from the government account list


Step 6        Create a User Name, Password (using the guidelines in the pop up box), select and answer the security questions and click NEXT.

Step 7        Close Upgrade Complete button. Your account is upgraded.

Once your account has been upgraded when you login to Manage My Account, you will see the account type now says Upgraded, not Legacy.