Limited filers registering to efile

Register for an individual PACER account, if you do not have your own PACER account (see steps 1-9). If you have your own PACER account, go to Manage My Account and select Upgrade button and skip steps 1 – 9.

Note: In order to electronically file in the court, you cannot have a shared PACER account, you must have your own PACER account.

Step 1   Go to

Step 2   Select Register from main menu bar

Step 3   Select PACER from left panel


Step 5   Complete the PACER registration form and select Individual as the User Type and Click NEXT.

Step 6   Create a User Name and Password, select and answer the security questions and click NEXT.

Step 7   Enter the payment information to be saved. This screen is optional.

Providing a credit card is optional. If you would like to register without providing a credit card, click Next without entering any information on this screen. For instant access to PACER, PACER will validate the credit card information you provide. There is no registration charge; however, the credit card will be charged quarterly for any fees incurred. If you submit your registration request without providing credit card information, you will receive an activation code by U.S. mail in 7-10 business days.

Step 8   Confirm you have read the policies and procedures.

Step 9   The last screen will thank you for registering with the PACER service center. This account is just for viewing documents, not for e-filing.

Step 10 Select Manage My Account and login with new PACER login and password

Step 11 Select the Maintenance tab on the top

Step 12 Select Attorney Admissions/E-File Registration (if you are an attorney)

                Select Non-Attorney E-File Registration (if you are a non attorney limited filer)

Step 13 Select US Bankruptcy Courts as the court type from the drop down list

Step 14 Select New Jersey Bankruptcy Court from the list

Step 15   Select E-FILE Registration Only

Step 16  All your information will display from when you registered in PACER.

Step 17  Role in Court: Select Attorney from drop down list

Step 18 Complete all other required fields on the screen and click NEXT

Step 19  Payment information screen will display, you can just click NEXT

Step 20  Efiling Terms and Conditions screen will disply, place checkmark in the boxes to accept the terms. Click SUBMIT.

Step 21 The confirmation page will display, click DONE.

Once you have submitted this registration, the court will activate your account and you will receive an email advising you that your account has been activated.

Once your account is activated you can begin e-filing with the court by going to  and selecting E-Filing (CM/ECF). You then use the PACER login you created when registering for PACER to login to file electronically.