Application Requesting Redaction

Under D.N.J. LBR 9037-1, parties seeking to redact personal information from a previously filed document (excluding transcripts) must file the court's local forms, Application Requesting Redaction of Personal Information and proposed Order Directing Redaction of Personal Information.

CAUTION: It is important that efilers use the correct event to file the Application. If the correct event is not used the Application Requesting Redaction event will display on the court's docket.

Click here to access the court's Local Rule, 9037-1. Privacy Protection for Filings Made With the Court.

Click here to access the court's local form, Application Requesting Redaction of Personal Information.

Click here to access the court's local form, Order Directing Redaction of Personal Information.

Click here to view a flow chart depicting the court's redaction procedure.

Click here to view instructions for using Adobe Acrobat to redact a document.

IMPORTANT: If the court grants the request for redaction, the applicant must redact the document and refile it using the Support event (located the Misc. Events category), and link the redacted document to the initially filed document.


Efiling instructions for filing Application Requesting Requesting Redaction of Personal Information:


STEP 1                   Click BANKRUPTCY on the blue menu bar

STEP 2                   Click MOTIONS/APPLICATIONS from the list of categories

STEP 3                   Enter the case number; click [NEXT]

STEP 4                   Select REQUESTING REDACTION from the list of Available Events; click [NEXT]

                               IMPORTANT - The proper event must be used when efiling the Application. Failure to do so risks the document diaplaying on the court's docket.

STEP 5                   Confirm that you are filing in the correct case by reviewing the case information at the top of the screen; click [NEXT]

STEP 6                   Select the party on whose behalf you are filing the Application or click Add/Create New Party; click [NEXT]

STEP 7                   Click BROWSE to upload the Application and supporting documents; click NEXT

                                   TIP –Use of the Court’s Local Forms, Application Requesting Redaction of Personal Information and Order Directing Redaction is required.

STEP 8                   The important messages below display. Review them; click [NEXT] to continue

                               WARNING: You must file a separate Application in each case in which you are seeking to redact a document. There is a $25 fee for each Application.

                              IMPORTANT: The redacted version of the document MUST be filed within 7 days of the entry of the Order Directing Redaction.

STEP 9              Amount of fee displays; click [NEXT] to continue

STEP 10            Click [NEXT] to continue

STEP 11            Docket text displays. Review for accuracy. If modification is necessary you must use the [BACK] button on your browser to return to the screen where the error was made. Click [NEXT] to submit the transaction.

                                SAMPLE DOCKET TEXT

                               Application Requesting Redaction of Personal Identifiers Fee Amount $ 25. Filed by Michael Detzky on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank.    (Attachments: # (1) Proposed Order) (Smith, John)

NOTE:                The Application DOES NOT display on the Court's public docket, and the event will not send a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF). The Court will process the Application upon receipt and an Order will be entered in the normal course.